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Listeners and Station Owners Testimonials

"Vintage Gold Classics... could this be magic... you betcha!"

Georgiana Williams - Pennsylvania

"When you want real classics songs that no one else plays... Vintage Gold Classics with Bob Francis a veteran Broadcaster that is a walking Library of Music History and songs that will bring the memories flooding Back!"

Eric - Cork, Ireland

"Wow! Bob, this is the PERFECT show for our radio station! Love the vintage commercials! Your music mix is terrific! Love the impressions! FANTASTIC JOB! We are so grateful to be part of the 'Vintage Gold Classics' family!"

Greg - WRSG - MIddleburne, WV, USA

"I am very satisfied about the audio quality, voice and jingle use. It is good to follow and great tracks."

Mars Soundman, United Sounds Choice, Amsterdam, Netherlands

"HI BOB: I want to say your show VGC is a wonderful addition to the WPAM-AM 1450 Family. Your classic songs and VINTAGE COMMERCIALS enjoyable.. truly "LISTENING FUN FOR EVERYONE" Looking forward to great shows for 2015. I welcome you VGC as a part of the WPAM FAMILY. YOU ARE TRULY AN ASSET TO THE STATION."

WPAM Radio

"Hi Bob....really enjoyed listening to Vintage oldies on WPAM on Christmas Eve Day... really well done!"


On "Something in the Air" - Thunderclapp Newman. There are thousands of GOOD OLDIES & complete artists that are never played by the current crop of so called oldies stations that are content on playing the same 500 songs over & over & over...

Charles Zalenski - Listener - New York

"There are many Radio Shows that play Classic Hits... but the difference with Bob's Vintage Gold Classics Show is that you get a Radio Show that is presented with Passion from the presenter! You just know from listening to Bob's show he loves what he does and does his Research!!! It's a Show that has everything you want from a Radio show Passion, Entertainment, factual,. Any Radio Station that plays Oldies should have Bob's Show "Vintage Gold Classics" because as he says himself "Every Song Brings Back a Thousand Memories" and those memories you can't get out of your head, after you listen to VGC you are guaranteed to be humming some Tune Bob has Played on his Show. I am proud and Thankful to Bob for allowing Able World Radio be part of our schedule 7 days a week it's part of the foundation of what we try to achieve each day... All The Hits and More!"

Eric Isherwood - Station owner - Able World Radio, Cork, Ireland

"Magic Oldies has only been on the air for about 04 months now and we seem to be picking up steam and I am so glad you found us."

Doug Sinclair - Magic Oldies Florida

"WOW! Looks like show #38 will be my all time favorite... Checked out all segments.... and will tune in tomorrow to hear all... the eclectic choices!"

On VGC acceptance all over the world... "I'm getting jet Good Luck!"

On Que Sera Sera by Doris Day -  "My mom used to sing that to me when I was a little boy."

Dan Edwards, Dayton, Ohio

"On Que Sera Sera by Doris Day - "Oh my gosh, going waayy back for this one, loved it."

David Simmons

"On Love is a many splendored thing by the four aces - "That was a looong time ago... I loved this song!!!!!"

Gaye Anne from illinois

"On Love is a many splendored thing by the four aces - "Beautiful Song! Good Movie too!"

Clara from Florida

"On Love is a many splendored thing by the four aces - "Greattttttttt!"

Diego Pratesi, Milan, Italy

"On Roger Whitaker and "The Last Farewell" - "This was one of my mother's favorite songs - she loved him and I used to razz her and call him Roger TWITaker. Heaven forbid that I admit that I liked him, too!"


"On Roger Whitaker and "The Last Farewell" - "Roger Whittaker is truly one of a kind...thanks for sharing."

Dan Bredl

"On Roger Whitaker and "The Last Farewell" - "Been a long time since I've heard this great tune..thanks!"

Steve P. Santangelo

"Enjoyed the music, thanks for memories"

Marie from Pennsylvania

"WOW! Looks like show #38 will be my all time favorite... Checked out all segments.... and will tune in tomorrow to hear all... the eclectic choices!"

Jim Dandy... to the rescue. Now that's my music era it! I love it!

On "Sixteen" Well! Thought Burnette was great... until I heard Ringo's arrangement... and also enjoyed your take on historical data

On lInda Ronstadt and Silver Thread and golden needles - This is the song my husband and I got our CB handles from back in the 70's

LInda Carnahan from Blair Pennsylvania: Beautiful and sentimental journey

Yoshito Yotto Yttorney - Great Radio!!