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Bob's Picks and Recommendations

Bob FrancisI've always believed in providing good service, good products, and good communications with the customers. Over time, I have grown to admire the businesses featured here, for the way they treated me. I don't make a personal recommendation lightly, but these businesses are the benchmark of a good business model.

I believe they will treat you right, and if they don't, let me know. If you have a business that you would like to see on Bob's Picks, let me know.

For the sake of transparency, I do have affiliation agreements with some of these businesses.

Ever wonder why Tasti-Lee tomatoes taste so good?

Here’s Jeff Trickett from Tasti-Lee with the story during an interview with Maria Bailey, host of "Mom Talk Radio”

Tasti-Lee is a new, naturally-developed* vine-ripened tomato variety that brings significant improvements to health, flavor and freshness in grocery store tomatoes! For health, this new tomato contains high Lycopene, up to 50% more than regular varieties.

Send me your email address here and I will send you a coupon for a FREE package.

Tasti-Lee sponsors my radio show, Vintage Gold Classics with Bob Francis.

Tasti Lee


I've been buying used books from Thriftbooks for years. Read more, spend less, Use this link and get 15% off your first order!

Thrift Books Discount



Many of the songs  heard on Vintage Gold Classics were purchased from ITunes. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many of your old favorites are here, and sound great!


Grey Muzzle

You can't go wrong helping these guys out. You can get your dog (old or young) a personalized neckerchief for just $10.00. ALL of the ten dollars goes right to Grey Muzzle. (I don't receive any thing from Grey Muzzle but it does make me feel good! And it will make you feel good too!)

grey muzzle

Earth Energy Pendants

I’ve seen Earth Energy Pendants a few times and then found out a friend of my family, Maddy Boyer, is creating this fabulous one of kind jewelry. Now I’m  not much of a jewelry guy, but the connection between the stones Maddy uses is pretty cool! For instance, quartz means energy, and rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love. The little pictures in the banner don’t do the pieces justice. Please click on the banner and go to Earth Energy Pendants and see the larger images. Don’t be stuck with what to get her or HIM this year…Thanks!

earth energy pendants